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Earthquake in Assam Today

Earthquake in assam today has been observed at 6:40 AM.

An earthquake of 5.6 magnitude on richter scale has been observed in assam today on 28th june 2015 at 6.40 AM . The epicenter of the earthquake is recorded as 23 KM north of busugaon located in assam. However, no damage of property or loss of life has been reported as of now.

Earthquake in assam today at 6:40 AM on 28th june 2015.

Sources have said that this earthquake may be in series of the same which have been observed in nepal for last two months. The impact has been also felt in eastern part of india as well as in bhutan and bangladesh.

Aftershocks are expected after the primary earthquake which in most cases are of lesser magnitude and lasts for few seconds. People are advised to come out of their houses in open field or space in order to avoid any casualty.

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